Open Mic Tech

A night for designers, developers, newbies, and everyone in between to share ideas and learn new things.

About Open Mic Tech

Long Story Short

Open Mic Tech is just as it sounds: an open mic night for tech stuff.

The What

Open Mic Tech is a quarterly community-driven event designed to facilitate communication among professionals, students, and hobbyists in tech-related fields.

That's just a fancy way to say that Open Mic Tech is a place for us to come together and talk about the stuff we're doing. Just as the name suggests, it's an open mic night geared toward technology.

What types of technology? All of them! However you use tech to do the things you do, we want to hear about it!

Are you a photographer who has a trick to speed up photo editing?

Are you a developer who has fallen in love with a little-known programming language?

Are you a writer who uses a new tool for organizing your literature?

Want to put "public speaker" in your Twitter bio?

If you answered yes, consider coming out one night and giving a quick (5-15 minutes) talk about that thing you like.

The Why

The greater Baton Rouge area is filled with smart, talented and wildly interesting people who can teach each other a thing or two. OMT is here to help that happen.

By providing an open, and easy atmosphere for people to share ideas, OMT hopes to increase cross-industry collaboration for newbies and veterans alike.

So whether you're new to a given field or have decades under your belt, OMT wants to be a place where you can learn something new.

The Who

Who speaks at Open Mic Tech? You! If you want to, that is. The whole idea of this OMT to provide a free space for us to share our ideas.

The When

Open Mic Tech happens the second Tuesday of every quarter from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Upcoming Open Mic Tech Dates

  • April 9, 2019
  • July 9, 2019 Cancled

The Where

We'll be in the Main Library at Goodwood in conference room 2-B.

Main Library at Goodwood
7711 Goodwood Boulevard
Baton Rouge LA, 70806

The How

There are only a few steps you need to take to speak at Open Mic Tech.

  1. Show up

    Come to OMT. Just walk right in.

  2. Sign up

    There will be a list of speakers in the back of the room. Put your name on the list. No names will be put on the list in advance. You need to show up the night of the open mic to get your spot.

  3. Optional: Give us your resources

    Got slides you wanna use? Just email them to No slides will be accepted in advance. Slides should be in a web-based format to ensure compatibility.

    If you'd prefer to bring your own device, please be sure to bring any adapters necessary for an HDMI connection.

Note: This is not a place to sell your products or services. Do not use OMT as an opportunity to give a pitch.

Wanna Get In Touch?

Send an email to! We'd love to hear from you!